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COVID-19 Safety Precautions

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We are taking safety precautions to ensure the safety of our study participants, and follow all the latest guidelines.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

1. Is EPOCH study team trained regarding safe health practices and screened for COVID-19?

All members of the EPOCH study team have been trained about COVID-19 and health safety, and they follow Stanford’s procedures to prevent infection. All staff who interact with study participants have tested negative for COVID-19. They are screened every day for COVID-19 symptoms before coming into work, and follow strict face mask and hand washing protocols.

2. Will participants be screened for COVID-19 symptoms as part of the EPOCH study?

The day before each EPOCH study visit, the study coordinator will contact each participant to ask about any symptoms of COVID-19, and will ask again about any symptoms at the start of the visit. Study visits will be postponed or cancelled for subjects with COVID-19 symptoms.

3. Will participants need to wear a mask during the visit?

Participants will be provided a mask to wear during the study visit. The participants and study team members will all wear face masks throughout the visit, and will use hand sanitizer as well. Study team members will maintain appropriate distance as much as possible throughout the visit. Any physical contact necessary to draw blood and perform vascular testing will be minimized, and the study team will follow safety protocols.

4. What other precautions are taken?

All study equipment and surfaces will be disinfected between participants.

We will minimize the duration of the visit by performing as much as possible remotely. In particular, we will ask study participants for informed consent prior to the visit, and complete study surveys on-line. This will keep the study visit as short as possible, and minimize participant and study staff time in the clinic.

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