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About EPOCH Study

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Why is the EPOCH Study being conducted?

Recent research studies suggest that preeclampsia may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life. The EPOCH (Effect of Preeclampsia On Cardiovascular Health) study, will investigate potential pathways a cross the life-course that link preeclampsia during pregnancy to increased risk of heart disease and stroke decades later. This study could improve identification of women at elevated risk of heart disease, suggest new interventions to reduce that risk, and advance personalized care of women with a history of preeclampsia. Principal Investigators Mark Hlatky and Virginia Winn at Stanford School of Medicine hope to identify biomarkers of preeclampsia that persist after pregnancy and are related to the health of a woman's vascular system. The EPOCH Study will enroll 400 women at Stanford.

You can follow this link to read an article about this study at Stanford Medicine News Center. 

Who will be enrolled in the EPOCH Study? 

We will enroll two different groups of women. The first group will enroll women who are currently pregnant (more than 20 weeks of genstational age). The second group will enroll women who were pregnant two or more years ago, and who are not menopausal.   

How long is the EPOCH Study participation?

Study participants enrolled during pregnancy will have two study visits, the first during the third trimester of pregnancy and the second 6-12 weeks after delivery. Participants who are a few years post their pregnancy will have a single study visit.

What happens in each EPOCH Study visit? 

At each study visit, participants will provide a blood sample, a urine sample and undergo blood vessel testing. The blood vessel test use ultrasound and non invasive blood measure testing. Each visit will take about 2 hours.

Will I be given any medications as part of this study?

The EPOCH study does not involve any medications or interventions.

Where will the EPOCH Study be conducted?

The EPOCH Study visits are performed at Stanford Children's Health, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Palo Alto, CA.

Who is the sponsor of the EPOCH Study?

The EPOCH Study is sponsored by a grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has been reviewed by the Stanford Institutional Review Board. The EPOCH Study is part of a broad program for ongoing studies to improve the prevention and treatment of women’s cardiovascular disease.